• Leather Bees Wax Conditioner 80 grams

.Martin Whips Leather Conditoner. 85 grams I have used this leather conditioner for over 20 years to protect and make more durable, the leather whips that I have supplied all through this time. Many people have commented how good it is for a variety of items , shoes, saddles, reins, basically every leather good imaginable.  It can even be used on wood furniture.I use beeswax, tea tree oil and a blend of vegetable oils.If used a sparingly and often it will lengthen the life of any leather. The key though is never to let the leather dry out in the first place. If the leather you want to rejuvenate is dry to start with, I recommend that you wet the leather down with just a bit of warm water first, wait until the leather is nearly dry and then apply my leather conditioner. You will get better penetration and far better water resistance. 

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Leather Bees Wax Conditioner 80 grams

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